Our massages utilize the Yon-Ka Paris product line for truly transformative experiences.  We use grapeseed or coconut base oils due to their gentle, nourishing, & hypoallergenic qualities.  Our team of massage professionals will begin by conducting a detailed consultation to address your specific concerns, develop a plan of action, & recommend a wellness plan to extend the benefits of your service for days & weeks to follow.  All massages are available for 50, 70, or 90 minutes, unless noted otherwise.

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Indulgence Massage

70 mins

This supremely indulgent experience includes a mixture of Swedish and deep tissue techniques, dry brushing to stimulate and exfoliate skin, reflexology to balance, aromatherapy to promote general well-being, and warm stones to melt your tension away.  We will give you the dry brush to take home to use between your treatments.    Reserve now.


Yon-Ka Therapeutic Massage



70 mins, $135
90 mins, $155

Our signature, highly aromatic massage for the face & body.  Begin by choosing your desired results: Detox, Relax, or Energizing.  Your massage professional will start with a facial cleansing, facial massage, & application of Yon-Ka skincare.  Next, the perfect massage techniques are used to apply a personalized blend of Yon-Ka body products & aromatherapy, with elements of skin tightening & cellulite reduction.  This is a mixed-technique service, using Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology & stretching, for the ultimate aromatic massage experience for the following results: relaxation, increased circulation, relief of muscle tension.  Reserve now.


Spa Element Massage

50 mins, $95
70 mins, $115
90 mins, $135

Perfect for anyone looking for individualized aromatherapy.  Begin by selecting your desired scent from our custom fragrance bar, where our team is always happy to help you.  Your massage professional will use your customized aromatherapy blend in a base oil to provide the perfect massage techniques, based on your consultation.  This is a mixed-technique service, using Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, stretching and it includes an organic sugar scrub for the hands or feet -  the ultimate aromatic massage experience with the following results: relaxation, increased circulation, relief of muscle tension.  Reserve now.



50 mins, $79
70 mins, $100
90 mins, $120

 The perfect relaxing service for those new to massage, or anyone on a maintenance program.  Your massage professional uses smooth, gentle techniques to provide the following results: increased circulation, and relaxation.  Reserve now.


Deep Firming Facial

70 mins

Acting as a “personal trainer” for the skin, this facial stimulates the skin’s natural regeneration process, optimizes firmness, reduces fine lines & wrinkles while intensifying glow.  We use extracts of hibiscus, lupine peptides, marine collagen & hyaluronic acid to reinforce the structure of the epidermis.  Co-enzyme Q10 protects your skin cells from free radical attacks.  This lifting & firming facial provides the following results: Better facial definition, improved skin tone.  We recommend a 4 treatment series for improved results. Reserve now.


Deep Tissue

50 mins, $89
70 mins, $110
90 mins, $130

The perfect treatment to assist muscles to forget what they do over & over each day.  Deeper pressure, trigger points & finding the root of the issue is the way deep tissue puts you back together.  You can expect the following results: Increased circulation, relief of tension, stress relief.  Reserve now.



50 mins, $89
70 mins, $110
90 mins, $130

A nurturing service for expecting mothers.  Our massage professionals show great care & attention to your comfort & positioning to provide relief of back pain, increased circulation, & relaxation.  Reserve now.

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You will be charged in full for cancellations with less than 24 hours notice.